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Cyril Maza is a self-taught artist and an engineer. He works as an engineer on week days and paints as an artist during weekends.

He has a natural passion to build and to create, and is very much fascinated by activities where ingenuity, imagination, and creativity come into play. His childhood hobbies included drawing, playing mandolin, and solving puzzle games. He also liked to play with common household items, such as paper/cardboard boxes, glass/plastic bottles, wooden blocks, and even books. He would lay them all out on the floor forming a pattern that resembles a city, complete with buildings, roads, and parks. He would be so engulfed in his own little “world,” designing and building his own “city,” that you could leave him all alone, playing quietly by himself (or sometimes with his younger brother) for many hours.

His passion for building/creating and his fascination of the physical sciences led him into pursuing a degree in civil engineering, which he received from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines in 1992.

For more information about Cyril Maza, please visit his blog site by clicking here.

Cyril has been painting with his wife, Lorna, for sometime now. Painting has become their favorite pastime. During weekends, they would get down together and work side by side, both individually and as a team working on the same canvas. They had worked together on some of their art pieces, though they also come up with their own individual artworks. Please click here for more information about Lorna and to view her artworks.

Prints of Cyril and Lorna's artworks are also available on t-shirts, mugs, stamps, and other gift items. Please click here see their store at Zazzle.

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